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Our clinic has got an MRSA free status. 

mrsa image To guarantee dialysis with pure and sound water Surrenal has chosen for the Reversed Osmosis System (RO) with filters up to 0,1micron. This system is world-wide known as the most reliable and safe water purification system.

You can dialysis any time throughout the week either in the mornings or in the afternoons, and also at weekends.

For safe and reliable dialysis in a homely atmosphere

Surrenal Dialysis Clinic!!
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We take care of:


  • 24-hour medical care  provided by medical specialists
  • Extra luggage weight (15kg)  for your flight with Surinam Airways and KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines)
  • Return to your home country within 24 hours if desired.
  • Apartment/ hotel accommodation at your request, also for family members/partners
  • Two way transport (to and from) our dialysis clinic.
  • Local holiday arrangements could be organized by our secretary


If desired your family members/ friends/ relatives are welcome to visit our clinic for a general orientation in order to support your decision for SURRENAL .