About us

Now dialysis patients can safely visit Suriname on vacation or for a longer period of time, we take care of all medical arrangements including private dialysis.

Surrenal is not only a dialysis clinic but also a home where haemodialysis treatment can be received in a very cosy and pleasant setting. 

We offer a homely atmosphere and your wish is our command. Surrenal is located in a quiet residential area of Paramaribo in Suriname, just a 10 minute’s drive from the city ofParamaribo. We try to make you feel at ease in an environment which is quiet different from receiving treatment in a regular hospital. You will be served in a comfortable room, you can listen to music of your choice or you can watch TV while you are being dialysed. We also have a special vacation dialysis diet for our patients. Our friendly nurses are at your service.

Each  dialysis takes please under the  supervision of a highly qualified team comprising Dutch-trained and certified dialysis nurses, an internist/nephrologist, cardiologist and a surgeon (expert in placing dialysis shunts) who boast of experience in the area of haemodialysis treatments.  These medical specialists were educated and trained in Holland and Belgium and are registered in the Dutch and European Register of Certified Medical Specialists.

At Surrenal Dialysis Clinic we guarantee high quality and safe dialysis treatments. To achieve this we cooperate with two hospitals within Paramaribo where in  case of problems or emergencies immediate action can be taken. We provide complete medical care if necessary, particularly in the following areas such as shunt checks as well as the application of a new AV shunt if necessary.

You can be assured of all medical assistance, also outside of normal dialysis hours. During your stay in Suriname our medical specialists are at your service 24-hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our clientele boasts patients from Europe, the Caribbean and North and South America.

Surrenal uses new Fresenius machines which have been installed by the Fresenius dealer from the USA, Renal Dynamics. Fresenius is also responsible for regular checks of the machines and the Reverse Osmosis (RO) water system.


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